DC Seeks IDEA Mediators

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education for the District of Columbia has just issued an RFP for IDEA mediators.  Here is the link to the posting for the Mediators:
To access it otherwise, you can log on to: ocp.dc.gov and click on “solicitations” and then click on “list all opportunities”.

Add a Privacy Filter to Your Laptop–LPM Practice Managment Advisors

If you occasionally work on your laptop in a coffee shop, an airport, a meeting room, any public place, is your work protected from the curious eyes of the people around you?   Adding a privacy filter to your screen will narrow the viewing angle so that only the person looking directly at the screen has a readable view.  These filters also help protect the screens from damage and reduce glare. The filters are available at most office supply stores and from online retailers in a wide range of prices.