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Be among the first to try the new NYSBA Mobile Ethics App – featuring the full database of NYSBA’s nearly 900 ethics opinions – ranging from 1964 to today. The app allows you to search the database of opinions by keyword, by category or by opinion number.  When the list of results appears you will see a brief digest of the opinion. When you click on the opinion you select you will see the full text of the opinion – exactly as it was issued by the Committee on Professional Ethics. Once you install the app, all of NYSBA’s opinions will be available to you on your device – regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet or not. When new Ethics Opinions are issued they will be pushed out to your device as an update and you will see a notification on the app screen indicating how many new opinions are available.

 The NYSBA Mobile Ethics App is free and will be available in 2012, to anyone who wants to download it. The NYSBA Mobile Ethics App is available for iPhones through the App Store, for Android devices through the Android Marketplace and for Blackberry through the Blackberry App Market.