NeatDesk Document Scanner Review-Comparison | Lawyerist

Read Sam Glover’s practical comparison/review of two popular, inexpensive scanners,needed for the solo practitioner and small firm to switch to “paperless” offices.

The NeatDesk document scanner is an attractive, consumer-grade document scanner that is up against stiff competition, including the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, which has become incredibly popular with lawyers and includes a copy of Acrobat for a tough-to-beat value proposition. But the NeatDesk has its own software package and at least one feature the ScanSnap lacks: TWAIN.

So can the NeatDesk measure up to the ScanSnap? Read on to find out!



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One thought on “NeatDesk Document Scanner Review-Comparison | Lawyerist

  1. Twain is only important if your scanning into 3rd party software, Fujitsu has twain scanners with their FI series products. I’ve used both and Neat is garbage compared to Scansnap.

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