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Do you need to print a document from your iPad? Are you unable to locate your printer? Thistroubleshooting assistant will help you setup your printer and resolve the most common printing issues.

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The 106 Best iPhone Apps

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On this page, you will find the best 106 iPhone applications for all your needs. makeuseof.comhas made the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those they believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. (+) denotes Universal apps, which can run on both iPhones and iPads.

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NYLJ: Gay Marriage Opponents Attack New Law on Multiple Fronts

A non-profit group called New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, backed by theLiberty Counselcharged in a lawsuit filed yesterdaythat the law had been rammed through the state Senate on the night of June 24 in violation of the Open Meetings Law and the Senate’s own rules.

“Constitutional liberties were violated. Today we are asking the court to intervene in its rightful role as the check and balance on an out-of-control State Legislature,” said Reverend Jason J. McGuire, executive director of the group and a resident of upstate Livingston County, where New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms v. New York State Senate was filed.

A spokesman for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said in a statement that “the plaintiffs lack a basic understanding of the laws of the state of New York. The suit is without merit.”


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