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Click here for an excellent summary from “Oil and Gas Law Brief”, Posted by Keith B. Hall on July 09, 2011,  of the current status of natural gas drilling in New York, with links to primary source documents; e.g.:


The DEC made various documents available on July 1, 2011, including an Executive Summary of the revised draft GEIS.  The full revised draft of the GEIS was made available yesterday.  The documents now available include: atime line regarding the GEIS, a fact sheet regarding what DEC believes it has learned from Pennsylvania’s experiences with hydraulic fracturing, a press release regarding the DEC’s recommendations, a list of the members of a new Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel, a PowerPoint presentation from DEC’s July 1, 2011 press conference, a simple diagram showing how an intermediate casing would help protect ground water, and the full draft GEIS, which can be download in its entirety or in portions from a web page that allows downloads by individual sections of the GEIS.  A video of the DEC’s July 1, 2011 press conference regarding its recommendations also is available.

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