NYLJ: Courts Begin Notifying Workers of ‘Painful But Unavoidable’ Plans to Trim 367 Jobs

ALBANY- Court administrators began notifying 367 nonjudicial employees this morning that their jobs are about to vanish. Starting June 1, that number of clerk, court officer, court reporter, attorney, support and other positions will be vacated. And the jobs will remain empty as the Judiciary grapples with a $170 million cut in its proposed $2.7 billion budget. Of the cuts being announced today, 343 are in the state’s numerous trial courts and 24 in the appellate courts. They are in addition to the loss two weeks ago of 74 jobs at the Office of Court Administration. The new layoffs represent 2.4 percent of the courts’ 15,326 employees. But 1,928 law clerks, confidential secretaries and other personnel who work directly for the system’s individual judges are exempt from the cuts, meaning that 2.7 percent of the remaining workers are losing their jobs.

Bar Groups Support Gay Marriage

In their remarks at the city bar’s 44th Street headquarters, Mr. Seymour, of Sullivan & Cromwell, and other bar leaders focused on the legal disadvantages faced by unmarried same-sex couples and called civil unions “not an acceptable substitute for marriages.”