Apple IMac (21.5-Inch & 27 Inch, 2011 Version) Reviews

For its excellent performance, “gorgeous” design, and superior display, the new 21.5-inch iMac earns an editors’ rating of 8.9/10 from Computer Shopper, which makes it their overall top pick for an all-in-one desktop computer. Reporting that iMac blew most of the competition “straight off the test bench,” Computer Shopper recommends iMac to anyone focused on productivity and performance. They add: “With serious speed improvements and the promising new Thunderbolt port, the 2011 iMac keeps an iron grip on its position as today’s leading all-in-one PC.”

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CNET makes the new 27-inch iMac an Editors’ Choice (4/5 stars), writing that it “offers the best performance among current all-in-ones, along with the largest display, the best design, and exciting potential from its Thunderbolt ports.” Citing iMac’s competitive performance and price, CNET concludes that “for digital media professionals, or others in need of a fast, serious-minded all-in-one with a large display, we can make no other recommendation.”

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One thought on “Apple IMac (21.5-Inch & 27 Inch, 2011 Version) Reviews

  1. This is now my 5th Mac I have owned and this is by far the best. I just went from a late 2006 2.16ghz Core2Duo iMac to this one and it is amazing. Everything is super fast and my setup was a breeze. Just told it to restore from my Time Machine backup and and about 1 hour later all my apps, files, and users where all there.

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