Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog: Lawyers and Their iPads

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If you want a list of blogs focusing on the many ways a lawyer can use an iPad, here’s a list for you from Legal Tech Guru, Jim Calloway:

• Tablet Legal (http://www.tabletlegal.com/)
• TechnoESQ (http://www.technoesq.com )
• MacsinLaw (http://www.macsinlaw.com )
• The Mac Lawyer (http://www.themaclawyer.com
• Hytechlawyer (www.hytechlawyer.com)
• iPad 4 Lawyers (http://www.tommighell.com/ipad)
• WalkingOffice (http://www.walkingoffice.com/)
• iPadmania (http://almipad.wordpress.com ) is also a worthwhile site to visit, not legal specific.
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