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Want to give your web site constantly updated content and provide your visitors with the latest immigration news? You can display the latest daily immigration headlines on your web page–and they’ll be automatically updated every time the stories change, with no action needed on your part! Headlines change several times each weekday and will link your visitors to a summary of each story and further background info. You’ll need to insert some HTML code to make it work, but once you’ve added the code, you’ll be all set.

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Justia is providing FREE Daily & Weekly Opinion Summaries for all Federal Courts, and selected State Supreme Courts.
See an example daily email for the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals or a weekly practice area email for Environmental Law.

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iPad4Lawyers – Blog Posts by Tom Mighell

SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 02:  The new iPad 2 (L) ...

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iPad 4 Lawyers, a blog and directory with information on the best iPad apps, tips and tricks for lawyers is written by Tom Mighell, a Senior Manager with Contoural, where he helps companies deal with their records management and electronic discovery issues.  Prior to being a consultant Tom worked as a litigator with a Dallas insurance defense firm for 18 years. He understands how lawyers like to use technology in their practices. He’s also a technology nut,  who has been a passionate iPad user since shortly after the device came out last year.  He wrote an introductory book – iPad in One Hour for Lawyers – that has been published by the ABA.