Port your existing number to Google Voice

Google Voice helps you manage your communications by giving you more control over your phones and voicemail, but until this week, you had to get a new Google phone number in order use all of Google Voice’s features. With Number Porting, existing Google Voice users can now use their mobile numbers as their Google Voice numbers. This means you can now use all of Google Voice’s features, like ringing multiple phones at once, without having to change your number.

To get started with Number Porting, log in to your Google Voice account, visit the settings page and click on “Change / Port” next to your Google Voice number. Be sure to read Google’s blog post for more info about Number Porting.

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11 thoughts on “Port your existing number to Google Voice

      1. Also note: This Google number porting is not available in certain areas either, even for mobile phones. I entered all four of my family’s cell phones into Google Voice’s port checking utility, and get the same message each time:
        “Ooops! This number appears to be from an area we don’t currently support.”
        And that would be central Florida, the 386 area code, on T-Mobile. Apparently Google’s porting feature still has a ways to go…

  1. Can you port a phone # that is currently a voip line? (with vonage now – was originally a land line that I changed to vonage a few years back…no need to keep vonage now but if I can port the phone # to Google voice, I’d happily do that right now… Thanks!

    1. At this time only mobile phone numbers may be ported to GoogleVoice.

      There is a “workaround” by porting your Vonage number to a pre-paid cell phone with just enough credit to take the GoogleVoice verification call.

      1. I tried this and the land line # I wanted and needed I ported to Verizon. Then 2 weeks later I tried porting my ported (old land line) now Verizon # to Google Voice and NOPE didn’t work. I followed the guidelines and tried to port a Verizon cell phone # to GV but no luck.

  2. Can I port more than one mobile phone number to Google Voice? I have 3 business lines and my personal cell number and I wish to have them all come to one phone and eliminate the over charges I am paying while getting a small business started.

    1. I think you are limited to one mobile number being ported at a time. The multiple phones are all of your other numbers that can be set to ring upon receiving a call at your GoogleVoice number. I suppose you could set up GoogleVoice accounts for each of your mobile business numbers and have them all ring the single phone.

      1. It does appear that I am trying to work this from a backwards angle. The suggestion to set up multiple accounts is what I will look into. I will let you know how that works out.

  3. When I set up my google voice account I wanted to “port” my cell phone number to google, but at that time Google was not letting any porting. I saved my cell number by placing it into a “toktumi line@ account. And now that Google allows porting it will not port from this carrier.

    Why and What can I do?

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