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Google Voice is just one of the many projects that the folks atGoogle have been working on, and if you need to communicate across a variety of formats and phones, this service is quite good. Visitors can use the Google Voice device to make phone calls from their Gmail account, create personalized greetings, share voicemails, block callers, and also call internationally. A series of videos on their site explains each feature, and this version is compatible with all operating systems.


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Columbia Law School: Municipal Climate Change Laws Resource Center

Many state and local governments are trying to formulate their own regulatory programs and many government lawyers are resigned to starting from scratch.  TheCCCL has prepared model laws and best practices to address this problem.  Examples of the Center’s work in this area include preparing model ordinances for mandating energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources, and for considering future flood and weather risks in land use planning and construction; guidelines for disclosure of climate risks in transactional documents; and guidelines for disclosure of climate risks in securities filings.

The model municipal green building ordinance presented by CCCL is the product of an empirical analysis of common practices in existing municipal green buildingregulation and research on possible legal impediments. Its provisions are designed to achieve effective yet feasible improvements in building practices and are drawn, in large measure, from existing ordinances.
Commentary and legal analysis of the model ordinance are available on the CCCL site.
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