Law and the Multiverse

Have you ever wondered about Superman’s immigration status?  Pondered who pays for the breakage when a superhero smashes a villain into a wall? Then you are clearly a lawyer who loves comic book heroes as are the folks at Law and the Multiverse-Superheroes, supervillains, and the law.

JuryTracker for the iPad

JuryTracker is the powerful new tool for tracking juror responses during trial. It allows the trial attorney, paralegal, jury consultant and client to observe and report on juror behavior in a consistent, concise and effective way.  $9.99.


Identify Key Jurors

  1. Simplify Jury Observation
  2. Standardize Notes on Juror Responses
  3. Track Time Spent by Each Party
  4. Share Reports with Trial Team and Clients


    JuryTracker for the iPad


    Available on the App Store