Report an Environmental Violation Online – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

NYS DEC: Report an Environmental Violation Online

The New York State Environmental Conservation Police values the watchful eyes and ears of citizens concerned with our environment. Use this form to report suspected violations of New York State environmental conservation laws. Submitted forms are immediately forwarded 24/7/365 to DEC dispatchers. If an immediate response is needed, file your complaint by phone by calling the DEC Turn in Poachers and Polluters (TIPP) hotline at 1-800-TIPP-DEC (1-800-847-7332). Caution: never put yourself at risk to get any of the information. Gather whatever information you can without trespassing or exposing yourself to harmful materials or situations.

Click here for online form.


NYLJ: Prof. Hutter–Admissibility of Patient’s Statement in Medical Record

Admissibility of Patient’s Statement in Medical Record

Three recent decisions hold that entries in a party’s medical records made upon information provided by the party, which are inconsistent with a position taken by the party at trial, are admissible as an admission of the party even if they are not germane to treatment or diagnosis.

Prof. Hutter’s article in NYLJ addresses these decisions. (Free registration required)



MobileArchiver Online – SMS Text Message and Call Log Archiving for Microsoft Outlook

Email and text messages: we all use them heavily, so why not use the same familiar interface for both? Manage your text messages & calls from Outlook.

How much billable time are you losing when you use your mobile phone for your business calls? Export your call records to Outlook for your billing.

Step 1. Download & Install MobileArchiver for Outlook
Step 2. Backup your BlackBerry using the Blackberry Desktop Software
Step 3. Point MobileArchiver towards the backup file and click Import
Step 4. Browse, search, filter your text messages and call logs from Outlook

Just download, install, and archive! There is a free 10-day trial. The purchase price is $29.95.

Currently only works with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones; but other phones will be supported in future versions.

See Article with more detail at the Lawyerist.