TechCrunch: Apture Highlights to Search Scribd

Scribd Partners With Apture To Include Rich Media Contextual Browsing Within Content

Today, Apture has scored a pretty significant deal with document-sharing site Scribdto allow users to use Apture Highlights on the tens of millions of public documents on the content platform.

As we wrote in August, ‘Apture Highlights’ plugs the “search leak” that is taking place with content on the web. The feature allows you to highlight any word or phrase on a page and instantly bring up search results in a window. The startup brings results from 60-plus sources including YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google and more for extra context around content.

Now, when users are reading documents, books, or other works on Scribd, they will be able to highlight any word, and Apture will open a small browser within the page to search for the additional information on Google, Bing or Yahoo.


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New York Temporary Maintenance Worksheets & Calculator

Effective October 12, 2010, New York divorce attorneys now need to prepare a five-page worksheet (eight pages with instructions) which determines which spouse pays maintenance and the temporary maintenance amount the attorney is asking the court to award.

The required worksheets are available from the NY Courts website:

A calculator is also available at: