Prof. Salkin: DOJ Issues Statement on Land Use Aspects of RLUIPA

DOJ Issues Statement on Land Use Aspects of RLUIPA ォ LAW OF THE LAND

The Department of Justice today issued a policy statement on the land-use provisions of RLUIPA, with questions and answers, to provide information to individuals, religious assemblies and institutions, and local government officials about the requirements of the law. This Statement of the Department of Justice on the Land-Use Provisions of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) is available at:

DOJ’s blog today features an entry on RLUIPA, see: 

New, New NY Power of Attorney (POA) Survey

Here’s your chance to give your opinion on the new, new POA form:

A new law regarding Power of Attorney became effective on September 1, 2009, with substantive technical amendments that took effect on September 12, 2010.

NYSBA, with the support of the Elder Law Section, is interested in examining what problems lawyers in NYS have encountered with the new POA law/form, including drafting the proper form tailored to the client’s needs, problems encountered with the execution requirements and our collective experience in reviewing forms that have been drafted by other attorneys.

NYSBA would also like to determine if the new Agent’s Acknowledgment and/or Gifts Rider achieve the goal of deterring financial abuse, and to what extent New York lawyers have encountered barriers with third party acceptance of pre and post 9/09 POAs.

NYSBA has developed a short survey that will collect your important thoughts and experiences. It is anticipated that NYSBA will take a position with regard to the new POA law/form and will present its position and the findings of the survey to the NYS legislature. Your response to this survey is very important and will assist NYSBA and the Elder Law Section to prepare an empirically based and compelling analysis of the law and its impact on the state’s legal profession. Please complete your survey no later than Friday, October 8, 2010. Thank you for your help and prompt response.

Use this link to access the short survey:

PLI SmartBrief: Legal error might halt foreclosures by hundreds of U.S. lenders

An abrupt halt to home foreclosures by Ally Financial in 23 states might spread to hundreds of other mortgage companies across the U.S. that used the firm to process their paperwork. The head of foreclosures at Ally, the nation’s fourth-largest mortgage lender, said he certified the legality of foreclosure documents without reading them. Mortgage investors that used Ally to service their loans include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Ally officials said. The Washington Post (9/22)Bloomberg (9/21)

JURIST: New York governor signs law allowing unmarried partners to adopt

JURIST – Paper Chase: New York governor signs law allowing unmarried partners to adopt

Jay Carmella at 11:18 AM ET

[JURIST] New York Governor David Paterson (D) signed a bill on Sunday allowing unmarried partners, including gay couples, to jointly adopt a child. The law [A 05652 materials] amends the language of Section 110 [text] of New York’s domestic relations law to allow two unmarried adult intimate partners to adopt a child. The New York Assembly passed the bill in July, after finding that the amended language keeps with the state’s policy to ensure the best interests of the child. The new law also removes the phrase “husband and wife” and replaces it with “married couple.” This is because, while same-sex marriage is illegal in the state, New York recognizes [NY1 News> report] same-sex marriages from other states. The amended language is as follows:

An adult unmarried person, an adult married couple together, or any two unmarried adult intimate partners together may adopt another person…An adult or minor married couple together may adopt a child of either of them born in or out of wedlock and an adult or minor spouse may adopt such a child of the other spouse.

Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing

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