The Government Domain: New & Free Regulations Trackers

The Government Domain: New & Free Regulations Trackers |

The independent web developers of this 2.0 world have done a great job in making federal legislative information available in new ways; see for examples. The same is happening with federal regulatory information. New, free, nongovernment resources have come online to complement the official U.S. government regulatory information sites, For this bounty, we can thank innovative developers and the relatively new availability of a free XML version of the Federal Register that can be downloaded in bulk. The Federal Register has long been available for searching and viewing for free, but subscribing to the data in bulk–necessary for meaningful repurposing–carried a cost that discouraged entrepreneurial individuals. In the meantime, both and have been redesigned and continue to provide content and functionality not available on the other free sites mentioned in this article.

From our old friends at LLRX. Read the entire article by Peggy Garvin.

Thanks to Tom Mighell for this link. Its good to see his Inter Alia newsletter is back from hiatus.