NY Court of Appeals: Real Property Tax Law section 480-a


In re: Gordon, No. 108 (full text from Findlaw)

In tax review proceedings against the Town of Esopus, its Assessor, and its Board of Assessment Review to challenge the taxable assessed value of petitioners’ land on the assessment rolls for the years 2002 through 2005, the appellate division’s denial of the petition is reversed where forest land certified as such by the Department of Environmental Conservation under Real Property Tax Law section 480-a is used, for real property tax assessment purposes, as forest land and must be assessed based on that use.

The Law.Gov Movement

The Law.Gov Movement

The “Law.Gov” movement is a campaign to put all primary legal materials in the public domain. Some call it “democratizing” law. Attorney and co-host, Bob Ambrogiwelcomes Carl Malamud, founder of Public.Resource.org and Tom Bruce, the Director of the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School, to share with us the latest on Law.Gov. Carl and Tom explore the Law.Gov movement, the benefit of public access to legal materials and who opposes the idea as well as the various workshops across the states.

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Apple releases new, redesigned Mac Mini

Apple releases new, redesigned Mac Mini

Despite its obituary being written numerous times in its five-year lifetime, Apple has shown it thinks there’s still some life left in its small form factor desktop by unveiling a completely redesigned Mac mini.

Apple has updated its small form factor Mac mini desktop PC adding a HDMI and SD card slot and improved graphics performance.

Read complete specs and review at gizmag.

New Mac Mini
New Mac Mini

NY Highest Court: Legality of Detention ‘Irrelevant’ To Commitment of Sex Offenders

Legality of Detention ‘Irrelevant’ To Commitment of Sex Offenders

“No doubt it is often reasonable to read ‘custody’ as implying ‘lawful custody,'” Judge Robert S. Smith wrote for the majority in the Court’s single ruling in People &c. ex rel. Joseph II v. Superintendent of Southport Correctional Facility, 95, and Matter of State of New York v. Humberto G., 96. “Here, however, the statute is best read as making no distinction between those properly and improperly confined.”