American Lawyer in Japan

American lawyer in Japan on family businesses, wealth and estates | Norman Solberg

Norman Solberg is an American lawyer licensed in Japan who works with family businesses, wealth and estates. He concentrates on family office matters for both foreigners and Japanese nationals, including projects for individuals such as wills, trusts, estates, asset shelters, succession planning and investments, and those for their businesses.

His blog makes for interesting reading.


feedly: a magazine-like start page

feedly organizes your favorite sites into a fun, magazine-like start page based onGoogle Reader and Twitter.

The web site automatically recognizes your browser, post instructions for installation, and provides a link for downloading. this is an excellent resource for legal bloggers.

Sui Generis: Why You Need an RSS Feed Reader

Sui Generis–a New York law blog: Why You Need an RSS Feed Reader

Nicole Black:

Whenever my colleagues approach me for advice about setting up a blog, the first thing I do is ask them which RSS feed readers they use?

Most of the time I’m met with a blank look, which never ceases to amaze me given how long feed readers have been around.

Using an RSS feed reader is such an important step to take, and since I continue to be met with puzzled expressions whenever I broach the subject, I figured it Is high time I explained the concept more fully.

An RSS feed is a summary of website content that can be found on most news websites and blogs. An RSS feed reader is a web-based application that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed of various websites, then aggregates the multiple feeds, allowing you to read them at a single location.

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