AbiWord 2.8.5


AbiWord is a nice alternative for those individuals looking for a word processor application that is entirely free. Several of the most notable features include a built in web service which allows users to share documents and an annotation feature that is fully integrated. The support for the application is quite good, and there’s an extensive user manual and FAQ on the website. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 2000, XP, and Vista as well as Linux. [KMG]

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New look to web interface for NYSBA Listservs

NYSBA just activated the new “eForums” application on the NYSBA web site, which provides a cleaner look and tighter integration among their lyris listserves, web site and database. Log into www.nysba.org and then click the Forums/Listserves link in the left index to see the new interface.

Members who opt out of receiving listserve emails, or those without an email address can participate in their Section and Committee listserves through this interface.

They have also simplified the Opt Out message that appears at the bottom of each liserve post, so those who do not wish to receive emails will be set to a “no mail” status, rather than being unsubscribed. This preserves their ability to participate in their liserves via the web interface.

Lastly, there is a self-service option for managing the email address and message delivery options for each listserve a member belongs to, which can be accessed by clicking the “my account” link at the top right of the new page. Here a member can update his/her email address on all lists, or on a list by list basis. They can also select their preferred deliver method (i.e. mail, nomail or index)

Keep in mind that these forum posts are searchable. This means that you can find posts on your specific issue. The search feature is also handy for finding forms which have been posted and exchanged for free on the listserv; e.g., I have searched and downloaded 162 forms to date on the GP Section listserv.