Solo/Small Firm Resource Center

As a solo/small firm attorney it can feel like it is you against the world – but the NYSBA Web site offers a robust collection of resources to help you level the playing field.

You might be a David in a world of Goliaths but the Solo/Small Firm Resource Center will surely be more than just a pebble in your slingshot.

Among the resources available are:

Checklist for Purchase of Professional Liability Insurance (PDF)

Sample Intake Sheet (PDF)

Statements of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

Sample E-Mail Policy (PDF)

Sample Engagement Letters

Sample Non-Engagement Letter (PDF)

Sample Termination Letter (PDF)

In addition, there are free downloads of computer help guides, business continuity plans, and chapters of Carolyn Elefant’s Solo By Choice. Don’t miss opportunities to connect electronically with others in your practice setting, comprehensive legal links, marketing tips and more.


Courtesy of Gary Munneke, Chair, Law Practice Management Committee, NYSBA T-News