Ruling Stakes Claim for N.Y. Priority in Resolving Adoption

Ruling Stakes Claim for N.Y. Priority in Resolving Adoption

“It may be debatable…whether parental rights created by a Cambodian adoption should, under circumstances like these, be treated as valid in New York,” Judge Robert S. Smith wrote for the unanimous Court in Matter of Adoption of John Doe, 20 (full text). “But once parental rights have been validly established under New York law, between an adoptive parent and child who continue to live in New York, the choice of law governing the parental relationship is much less difficult: New York law applies.”

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NY: Estate Planning for Domestic Partners and Non-Traditional Families

For domestic partners, same-sex spouses and their children, proper estate planning is crucial not only to ensure inheritance rights, but also to establish objective proof of the existence of a domestic partnership, as distinct from a more social relationship, and to overcome the many gaps in the legal recognition and status of their families of choice.

This excellent 30-page guide by Erica Bell, Esq. of Weiss, Buell & Bell can bedownloaded from PLI for free here.