myEN (Evernote) (myen) on Twitter

myEN lets you save tweets directly into your Evernote account. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Follow myEN

Step 2: You will receive a direct message from myEN containing a link. Click the link.

Step 3: Sign into Evernote and link your Evernote and Twitter accounts. If you don’t have an Evernote account, sign up. It’s free.

You’re all set! Now add ‘@myEN ‘ to any public tweet, or DM new notes to myEN


Evernote for Windows-3.5 Arrives

Evernote for Windows | Evernote Corporation
Capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your PC, even when offline.

Create notes containing text, webclips, snapshots, to-dos, PDFs, and more–This is great way to “clip and save” legal research.

Take photos of everything from whiteboards to wine labels and Evernote will make them searchable

Premium users can attach any type of file to their notes

Download Evernote forWindows 3.5 free.