NYLJ: WhichDraft

The New York Law Journal – Webwatch

The document assembly site WhichDraft enables automatic assembly of contracts and other legal documents. Users start by finding the type of document they want and then fill them out by answering a series of simple questions. The site provides its own collection of documents and also allows users to post documents. WhichDraft also allows lawyers to upload their own documents and build their own sets of questions and answers for completing them. Users can keep these documents private or opt to share them

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, and extensions on Windows and Linux betas

You can now use Google Chrome on Mac and Linux, in beta. In addition,
if you’re on the beta version of Google Chrome on Windows or Linux,
you can now try out any of 1000+ extensions to add more features and
functionality to the browser.


Google: Real-time search results

Now you can access comprehensive real-time search results from blogs,
social networks, news and the web. When relevant real-time information
is available, a new universal search feature will appear with a live
stream of the freshest web content. Clicking on the “Latest Results”
link will take you to a filtered full page of results. You can also
filter to see only short-form “Updates” from Twitter, FriendFeed,
Indenti.ca, Jaiku and TWiT Army. We also announced new agreements with
Facebook and MySpace, and are working to incorporate public content
from those services in the feature. You can also see what’s happening
on the web by checking out the new Hot Topics on Google Trends.