A Death in the Office

A Death in the Office | ABA Journal – Law News Now

Mark Levy had talent, a top-flight resumé and friends in high places. But when he lost his job, none of that was enough.

*** Hat Tip to Bob Ambrogi, who always seems to know what we lawyers should be reading and thinking about.

Barnes & Noble’s eBook Reader: nook

Nook, eBook Reader, eBook Device – Barnes&Noble

nook lets you:

Download eBooks, magazines and newspapers.
Enjoy eBooks on a readable E Ink® reading screen.
Navigate your eBooks and other content on a color touchscreen.
Sync your eBooks to your iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Mac or PC.
Share eBooks with friends using one of their eReader clients.
Read any eBook for free in a Barnes & Noble store.
Get special content and promotions in any Barnes & Noble store.

Full product details, videos and more are now available here.

nook arrives Nov. 30, but you can preorder it online now, or beginning today in any Barnes & Noble store for $259.00. And come Nov. 30, you’ll be able to test-drive nook in any Barnes & Noble store as well.