RightSignature – Sign Documents Online

RightSignature makes it simple to get documents signed online. Create a FREE account in seconds, upload your document, and enter recipient information. RightSignature manages the entire process, providing you regular updates as each party views and signs your document.

The signup process is easy. You may use your mouse or fax a sample signature. You may confirm your identity with a web cam photo.

Each document (submitted in pdf or Word) receives its own encrypted id number.

I can see this service making real estate and other transactions move right along. IN fact, I’m recommending it to my local r.e. broker.

Premium plans are available for volume use; but the free plan seems adequate for a solo or small firm. YMMV.

New York court rules family court lacks jurisdiction over same-sex child support

JURIST – Paper Chase: New York court rules family court lacks jurisdiction over same-sex child support

Hat tip to:
Christian Ehret -Author of Jurist Note

[JURIST] A New York state appeals court ruled [opinion text] that a family court does not have jurisdiction over a child support claim against a same-sex partner with no legal or biological ties to the child. In an opinion released Tuesday, the court ruled that a family court of limited jurisdiction has not been specifically authorized to entertain such claims. Although the court cited precedent that recognizes a person who neither fathered nor adopted a child as a parent under an implied contract to support the child and equitable estoppel, the court pointed out that the doctrine of equitable estoppel is only applied in such cases to adjudicate a male as a father of a child and not for determining a child’s mother.