Notifu will allow you to send a message to an individual or group, confirm the message was received, and get responses to act upon.

Today, Notifu is 100% free (including sending SMS and voice messages to anywhere in the world); however, it is likely in the near future that they will have a Free Edition and Pro Edition and some features will require the Pro Edition (like sending SMS messages, sending voice messages, etc).

The following browsers are supported:

Chrome 0.2 
Firefox 2.0 
Internet Explorer 6.0 
Opera 9.6 
Safari 3.1

Both Registered Users and Unregistered Users have access to the same features; however, an Unregistered User cannot access their Notifu messages and contacts after leaving the site.

The purpose of the Try It Unregistered button on the home page is to provide a quick and easy way to try Notifu without even registering.

Their Wiki serves as a FAQ resource.

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