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For your reference, here is a list of legal news feeds to follow on Twitter.

Lurssen has limited this index to Twitter accounts that automatically (and solely) stream links to articles, alerts, and news on legal subjects. Simply “follow” whichever streams interest you the most.

Show Document | Live and Free document sharing session is a free application that HBRLabs, Inc. have made available to users to meet and discuss documents in a real time fully-synchronized fashion. The platform requires no download and / or installation. Just click and use.

All one needs to do is take three steps:

1. Select a document you would like to share.
2. Upload it
3. Start the session

As soon as the session’s host is in, he or she gets a code that can be used to invite other people to join the session. The code for the session can be sent through chat or e-mail or mentioned simply over the phone.

The guest either clicks on the link or inserts the code on the home page and join the live Interactive session.

Credit Card Debt Law

Credit Card Debt Law

The Federal Reserve Board proposed rules which, if implemented, will drastically change the practices of credit card companies toward consumers. There should be a long and drawn out battle over the next year, and this website will attempt to follow that battle.


Notifu will allow you to send a message to an individual or group, confirm the message was received, and get responses to act upon.

Today, Notifu is 100% free (including sending SMS and voice messages to anywhere in the world); however, it is likely in the near future that they will have a Free Edition and Pro Edition and some features will require the Pro Edition (like sending SMS messages, sending voice messages, etc).

The following browsers are supported:

Chrome 0.2 
Firefox 2.0 
Internet Explorer 6.0 
Opera 9.6 
Safari 3.1

Both Registered Users and Unregistered Users have access to the same features; however, an Unregistered User cannot access their Notifu messages and contacts after leaving the site.

The purpose of the Try It Unregistered button on the home page is to provide a quick and easy way to try Notifu without even registering.

Their Wiki serves as a FAQ resource.