Federal Criminal Defense Practice Update on 10/21/08 (6.5 CLE credits)

The NDNY Office of the Federal Public Defender, NDNY Federal Court Bar Association, Inc. and NYS Defenders Association are proud to offer the following program:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

“Federal Criminal Defense Practice Update” (6½ CLE credits)
Crowne Plaza Hotel, State & Lodge Streets, Albany, N.Y.
No cost. Register by 10/14/08. Details at www.ndnyfcba.org

RPLS Committee on Legislation: Legislation Update

The following legislation update is being forwarded to you on behalf of the Real Property Law Section’s Committee on Legislation:
Selected laws affecting real property enacted so far in 2008:

A251/S5621 Lender prohibited from exercising due on sale clauses for homes – Chap 152
A1269/S1531 Sex offender prohibited from license as r.e. broker or salesman – Chap 430
A7007A/S3825 Appointment of Art 7-A administrator is basis to declare mortgage due or certify dwelling abandoned – Chap 529
A7519/S4874 Requires seller to establish escrow for broker’s commission – Chap 436 [RPLS memo in support]
A7700/S4963A Residential assessment ratio – Chap 78
A10766/S7645 Extends tax rate reduction on REITS – Chap 416
A10817/S8143 Governor’s Program Bill on mortgage foreclosure – Chap 472 [RPLS memo in support if amended]
A10952/S5634 Requires notification of tenants of testing for indoor air contamination – Chap 521
A11544/S8517 Requires notice re certified copy of deed – Chap 485
A11574/S7915C Clarifies adverse possession – Chap 268 [RPLS memo in opposition to final bill]

Bills not enacted:

A1743 NYSLTA bill to license title agents – did not pass [RPLS memo in support]
A3994 Applications to purchase coops – did not pass
A8948 Disclosure of LLC members – passed Assembly only [RPLS memo in opposition]
A9295 County Clerk discretion re mortgages (anti-MERS) – did not pass [RPLS memo in opposition]
A9491 Nassau County Clerk discretion re mortgages (anti-MERS) – did not pass [RPLS memo in opposition]
A11424 Revise PCDA – did not pass [RPLS memo in support]

To find copies of bills, go to:

1. RPLS portion of NYSBA website: www.nysba.org, then “Sections,” then “Real Property Law Section,” then “Status of Pending Legislation” (search by bill number, click on number) (For RPLS memoranda go to “2007-2008 Legislative Memoranda”) or go to
2. Senate website: www.senate.state.ny.us, then “Bills and Laws” or go to
3. Assembly website: www.assembly.state.ny.us, then “Bill Search and Legislative information.”