OtherInbox helps you to spend less time reading and managing your email. Instead of having a single email address such as johnsmith23@gmail.com, you get an unlimited number of email addresses at your own domain name such as johnsmith.otherinbox.com. Any address @johnsmith.otherinbox.com goes to OtherInbox, so you can easily assign a different email address to every website. Without having to set up any folders or rules, your email gets organized so that it’s easy to jump right to the messages you care about most. Also, if a website starts to send you spam, you can stop it with the powerful new Block button.

OtherInbox is currently being made available via a private Beta program. For more information on OtherInbox, or to request access to the private Beta, visit:http://www.otherinbox.com/.

One thought on “Otherinbox

  1. Thanks for writing about OtherInbox on your blog. The TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco earlier this month was a great forum to launch our new service to the public and we were really honored to be chosen to participate. We’d like to invite you to join our private beta that we announced at the conference, and we’re happy to extend the invitation to your readers as well! Because we’re in private beta, you need to have a special URL to sign up. This URL will work for 26 invitations (one for you and 25 for your readers) if you want to post as a followup on your blog.


    Please let us know if you have any questions about the service. Thanks again!

    ~ The OtherInbox Team

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