Criminal Law Slanguage of New York

I received a free, review copy of this small volume from its author, Gary Muldoon, about eight months ago. What took me so long to mention it here? I skimmed through the compilation of New York criminal “slang” and thought to myself, “I’d better take this with me to court.” I was on my way out the door for an appearance in a criminal defense matter. “Slanguage” took up little room in my briefcase or on counsel table; but it proved invaluable as a quick reference for the dozens of terms, case names, and criminal concepts buzzing back and forth in court. We New Yorkers have a case to refer to for every action contemplated in a criminal matter! The “Slanguage” entires ended with references to more complete coverage of various subjects in the author’s standard text, Handling a Criminal Case in New York, the larger volume I keep back in the office.

My case finished well and as I was cleaning out the briefcase, there was “Slanguage”. I am keeping it and will use it again. My only regret is it took me too long to mention it here. I hope its a valid excuse that the book was “in use”.

Criminal Law Slanguage of New York, Third Edition, by G. Edward Murray and Gary Muldoon, is published by LexisNexis Publications. Price: $19.00.

Muldoon is also the author of Handling a Criminal Case in New York (West Group 2006). Call 1-800-328-4880 or contact the West Group website at Cost of the soft cover edition is $241.00.

Last month, PeopleFinders, a 20-year-old company based in Sacramento,, a free service , supported by ads,which lets people search by name through criminal archives of all 50 states and 3,500 counties in the United States.

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