CA Bar Journal: Embarrassed lawyers fall victim to Internet scams

California Bar Journal

By Diane Curtis
Staff Writer

Internet scammers have found a new and sometimes vulnerable target: American lawyers. And some take the bait. “I didn’t have my radar high enough to see what was going on,” says one chagrined Long Beach lawyer who entered into an agreement with a bogus client and went so far as to send $193,000 from his client trust account to a Hong Kong bank because he believed a cashier’s check he had received from a well-known financial institution was good.


Read entire article here.


This piece makes clear an important point; i.e., when bank employee on the other end of the phone say the funds are “available”, that is not the same as saying the funds are “cleared”.

We’re Back…..

You may not have noticed we were gone; but I did.  Nearly died when I clicked on this morning and found “This blog is inactive”.  My dashboard said I was in violation of the Terms of Service.  Darned if I could figure out what was wrong; but after 4 emails…I checked into the support forum for and posted my fate.

I got a few helpful suggestions and then, mirabile dictu, we were reinstated:


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