Perils of Part-timers’ Public Pensions Persist

Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin): Class-action lawsuit in state pension cases?

An Albany lawyer is preparing a class-action lawsuit to try to stop Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli from stripping pension credits from lawyers who state officials say don’t deserve them. The lawsuit will likely be filed later this week in state Supreme Court in Albany County and will seek restraining orders against Cuomo and DiNapoli, said lawyer James Roemer, who specializes in public sector employment issues. While he wouldn’t immediately divulge details of his legal strategy or name the initial plaintiffs, Roemer said he’s representing four individuals from Long Island who have lost pension credits during the past few weeks.


UPDATE: Roemer has a web site for the class action suit Save New York State Retirement Benefits.


Albany Times Union (Fred LeBrun Column): Cuomo pension probe tinged with a certain lack of fair play

On the best of days, elevating the reputation of lawyers in general is too heavy a lift for one mere columnist. And these are certainly not the best of days for the image of the legal profession, thanks in great measure to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his zealous rooting out of lawyers who may have gotten public retirement benefits for which they were not eligible. That Cuomo is himself a lawyer, and the First Lawyer of the state to boot, must be disconcerting at the least to the lawyer community. Particularly because the brush with which he’s tarring a wide range of attorneys who don’t deserve it is usually the stuff of spiteful lawyer-bashing. Hasn’t Andrew heard all those professional courtesy jokes?