Google Earth 4.3 released


The newest version of Google Earth enables you to see 41 new cities in
3D, including Boston, Tampa, Zurich, Hamburg and Tokyo, along with
much faster 3D building rendering, new navigation control down to
street level, the ability to view the sun at any time of the day, and
more. They’ve also brought Street View from Maps to Earth and added 12
new languages. – Chief Judge Writes N.Y. Governor to Deny Work ‘Slowdown’ by State’s Judges

Vesselin Mitev and Daniel Wise
New York Law Journal
April 30, 2008

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye wrote New York Gov. David A. Paterson Tuesday to assure him that reports of judicial “slowdown” were “without basis.”

In addition, the court system’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics issued an opinion Monday determining that Kaye’s recent lawsuit to compel an increase in judicial salaries does not require judges to recuse themselves, but they may do so as a matter of individual conscience.

On Monday, Paterson cautioned the state’s judges against engaging in any tactic that would slow litigation in order to press their case for a raise. A day earlier The New York Post had reported that increasing numbers of judges, most of them upstate, were refusing to hear cases where law firms with state legislators as members are appearing before them.

In her letter to Paterson Tuesday, Kaye wrote, “while some judges have individually chosen to recuse themselves from matters in which legislators or their firms appeared before them, there has not been — nor will there be — an adverse impact on litigants.”
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