Scripting for Lawyers – Boss Around Your Apps

Larry Staton is a lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina who scripts everything. He is available for consulting. Here is his description of his new blog:

“Scripting for Lawyers is a weblog that will explore all facets of scripting. From learning about the various scripting languages to writing our own scripts to digging into the guts of the operating system, together we will attempt to understand the ways that our computers can make you more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

As the name of this weblog suggests, I’ll focus on how lawyers, especially those lawyers who use Macs, can use scripts to boss around their applications and data. Although scripts often operate on their own, many scripts can be used in connection with databases, text editors, word processors, calendars, and e-mail applications. As such, we’ll also look at setting up a database and using scripts to push that data into the other applications. 

ll also explore how to access Web services to grab data to put into your application.”

Video of The Supremes

LawProse, Inc. – Interviews of United States Supreme Court Justices

Interviews of United States Supreme Court Justices

In 2006-2007, Bryan Garner interviewed eight of the nine Justices about legal writing and advocacy. These are the complete interviews. Because the files are large, the videos may take a few moments to start playing.

LawProse is making these interviews available as a public service. Anyone may freely use these videos for educational purposes, with appropriate attribution to Bryan Garner or LawProse.