Basic Legal Citation (LII 2007)

Basic Legal Citation (LII 2007)

This work first appeared in 1993. It was most recently revised in May 2007 to reflect changes appearing in the third edition of the ALWD Citation Manual, published in 2006. It is also keyed to the most recent edition of The Bluebook, published in 2005.


From our old friends at the LII, specifically former Dean of the Law School at Cornell, Peter W. Martin. Dean Martin was instrumental in guiding the original NYLaw Net committee as it groped its way toward NYSBA’s first web site. His concept of “…adding value…” to publicly available legal materials and making both available on line is as valid today as it was back in the early 90’s.

2 thoughts on “Basic Legal Citation (LII 2007)

  1. Can anyone help with the format for legal citation of the New York Civil Pattern Jury Instructions (Westlaw, 2008)? I need the correct citation format for a motion.



  2. I have always seen them cited as:

    PJI 2:120

    PJI = Pattern Jury Instructions
    2:120 = section number

    If you have the old-fashioned hard copy book(s), check just before and after the title page. There is usually an instruction on how to cite included.

    I suppose you could use the whole title in the first usage and then cite “PJI” in each subsequent instance. Most courts will recognize the PJI reference.

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