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TeachingLaw.com -AspenLaw Studydesk Software Application

TeachingLaw.com Diana Donahoe

Description:Legal Research and Writing goes digital! TeachingLaw.com is an electronic legal research and writing coursebook that provides professors and students with a more interactive and collaborative learning environment. Now students can read, research, and write simultaneously and digest material more thoroughly and efficiently. TeachingLaw.com integrates all course materials into one, convenient location and offers a hands-on approach to learning legal research and writing strategies, analysis, sources, documents, editing and citation.

Teachinglaw.com is designed to provide you with a textbook for your course that integrates legal research with legal writing. In addition, it provides a courseware package that allows you to access and edit pre-packaged writing and research assignments as well as upload your own assignments.

The price listed for the course is $102.00. One assumes that is the price per user; but this is unclear.