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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created this helpful set of resources for policymakers, elected officials, journalists, and members of the general public who would like to know more about the world of flood hazard mapping. On this site, visitors can find a host of resources and over a dozen thematic links, such as Coastal Projects, Change My Flood Zone Designation, and User Groups. Each link is preceded by a brief introduction to the resource, along with a description of the various items within each link. Visitors shouldn’t miss the Online Tutorials offered here, as they include several multimedia instructional resources designed to provide in-depth training on different facets on these programs.
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Fed. Dist. Court in NY Dismisses Fire Island Property Owners Claims of Due Process and Equal Protection Violations Following Denial of Variance Request

Originally posted on LAW OF THE LAND:

Plaintiffs, Michael DeFalco and William Matthews, own property on Fire Island, New York.  Plaintiffs’ dwelling and amenities occupied a total of 42.6% of the lot and all the structures had valid certificates of occupancy (“COs”).  Although the town’s zoning laws only allowed for 35% coverage, Plaintiffs’ structures existed before the enactment of such laws.  In 2010, Plaintiffs sought variances to make changes to their home. While the proposed changes would alter the structure of the dwelling, Plaintiffs insisted that the lot coverage would remain at 42.6%. The Board of Zoning Appeals for the Town of Brookhaven (“Board”) partially granted Plaintiffs’ application but placed limits regarding the lot coverage.  The Board determined that the 42.6% lot coverage was far greater than the permissible 35% and to allow such coverage would set a negative example for others.  As such, the Board agreed to allow Plaintiffs 37% lot coverage if they chose to…

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Fed. Dist. Court in New York Dismisses Civil Rights Claims After Owner Alleges Neighbors and Planning Board Conspired Against Her

Originally posted on LAW OF THE LAND:

Plaintiff Farah Amid alleged that the Village of Old Brookville, New York and its residents and planning board deprived her of her civil rights in accordance with 42 U.S.C §1983 and that there was a conspiracy to deny her equal protection of the laws in violation of 42 U.S.C. §1985. Amid, a self-described Iranian-American and non-practicing Islamic woman, moved into Old Brookville with her husband in 1991. Following their divorce in 1999, Amid was able to maintain the home but was approached by an overzealous neighbor (who happened to be a real estate agent) to sell her home. When the neighbor would not take no for an answer, Amid alleged the neighbor and his wife (the Marxs’) began an aggressive campaign to drive her out of the neighborhood including depositing bags of dog feces on her property and even placing Amid in apprehension when it would seem that Mr. Marx…

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Use iTunes 11 The Right Way With These Tips And Tricks [Feature] | Cult of Mac


“…Look, iTunes 11, I love you and all, but where’s all my stuff? First I needed to figure out the Up Next thing, retool my Search habits, figure out how to make a Genius playlist again, and now I can’t even find the Downloads window. What gives?

If you’re in the same boat, we’re here to help. If you have re-enabled the Sidebar, you’ll notice that there’s no way to click on Downloads any more. Even when there’s a download happening. Here’s the thing: the Downloads window will never be there. iTunes 11 has moved it. Here’s how to find it again….”



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Echoing Sam Glover’s article on Lawyerist, the most common question I get from other lawyers is: “Man, I’ve been reading your blog and I love it. But do you make money off of it? Do you make money off Facebook or Twitter?”

The answer: no, but kinda sorta.

This is how it works…

Read Philly Law Blog’s practical, down-to-earth analysis and suggestions about using social media in your practice here.


JURIST – Paper Chase: New York high court rules custodial parent can be convicted of kidnapping

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[JURIST] The New York Court of Appeals [official website] on Thursday ruled [opinion text, PDF] that a custodial parent can be convicted of kidnapping where the parent’s actions are “so obviously and unjustifiably dangerous or harmful to the child as to be inconsistent with the idea of lawful custody.” The court made this ruling to affirm the conviction of a father who shared equal custody with the child’s mother but, when approached by police officers responding to a domestic violence call, held onto the child and threatened him with a knife when the police came close. The court ruled that this satisfied the element of unlawfully restraining the child “without consent,” and that, even as custodial parent, he did not have the right to consent the child to such a dangerous type of restraint. The court made clear that this ruling does not apply when a child is punished inappropriately or even when unlawful child abuse is committed, but only in situations as extreme as this one.


Frrole is a social newspaper that is built on what people are talking about and mentioning on Twitter. Currently, this social media device covers over 50 cities and it uses over 10 million tweets to determine the key issues in each city that it covers. Visitors can customize the newspaper to focus on topics like sports, entertainment, travel and so on. Also, it is quite easy to use the customizable tabs on the left-hand side of the page to look for specific news items of interest. This version of Frrole is compatible with all operating systems.


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IRS Releases Revised Versions of Form 8038-GC and Form 8038-CP

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Internal Revenue Service has released revised versions of Form 8038-GCInformation Return for Small Tax-Exempt Governmental Bond Issues, Leases, and Installment Sales, and Form 8038-CPReturn for Credit Payments to Issuers of Qualified Bonds.  Form 8038-GC is used by issuers of tax-exempt bonds to provide the IRS with the information required by Internal Revenue Code section 149 and to monitor the requirements of Internal Revenue Code sections 141 through 150.  Form 8038-CP is used by issuers of build America bonds, recovery zone economic development bonds, and specified tax credit bonds who elect to receive a direct payment from the Federal Government equal to a percentage of the interest payments on these bonds.  The revised Form 8038-GC and Form 8038-CP are available by clicking here.
For more information go to Tax Exempt Bond Communityon



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Orbicule | Witness

Witness turns your Mac into a home alarm system, using itsiSight camera as a motion sensor. If motion is detected, Witness sends mugshots and video to your iPhone or iPad.
Some apps offer a live video stream. While that sounds cool at first, it has many disadvantages. In contrast, Witness uses advanced motion detection to notify you right away when an intruder is detected.
If nothing happens at your house, Witness remains silent. No need to interrupt you when everything is just fine.

Witness can be set to restrict motion detection to human faces. This may come in handy if you have pets running around the house.

Witness uses the location of your iOS device to automatically arm your alarm when leaving your house and to disarm it upon your return.

Watch live images from any Mac in your alarm system. There are no limitations on how many Macs you can add to a single Witness account: you could add an entire computer lab.

A single-user license is $39.00 U.S. Witness requires a Mac with a built-in iSight, running Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).  Sorry, Mac only-no Windows.

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