Welcome to PDFstash

PDFstash is a PDF reader and management system built for the web that enables people to take control of their digital libraries and quickly access the information they need.

Have you ever been frustrated by not having the document you need on your current computer? Have you ever been frustrated when reading a long document and losing your place or wishing you had an easy way to quickly revisit certain passages?

PDFstash automatically keeps track of your position as you read, lets you organize documents into folders and bookmark pages for quick access.

To get started learn more at www.pdfstash.com.

20 documents a month will cost you nothing.  More than that:

Price per month $0 $5.99 $10.99 $18.99
Number of Documents 20 500 1000 2000

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Coffitivity – Increase Your Creativity!

Claiming their coffee shop sounds boost creativity, check out this antidote to working in silence.

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Cupcloud – Resume your work anywhere



Cupcloud is a free application that allows users to save, open, and share multiple documents and web pages simply. The program assists interested parties with accessing these materials from any computer or device, and it’s great for collaborating on group projects and the like. There’s a helpful How to Cup section here, along with a primer and a blog. This version is compatible with all operating systems, including Linux.


From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2013. https://www.scout.wisc.edu



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OneTimeBox–Oliver Song

Built during HackMIT 2013, this service lets you quickly upload, share, and update live web folders.

Created by MIT senior Oliver SongOneTimeBox has no registration or sign-in required. Drag and drop your files onto OneTimeBox.  It produces a link you can share with anyone wanting whats in the box.

Anyone you send the link can contribute files to the box, which holds up to 1 GB and lasts for 1 week – all for free.

For more Oliver Song applications, designs, and other things, take a look at his web site:

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A Clio Webinar–Mobile Practice Management

Clio is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern.  Joshua Lenon of Clio and Jeff Richardson of iPhone JD will talk about mobile device security, apps, and making the best use of an iPhone and iPad in the practice of law.

By coincidence this session will be right after (or at the end of) the big iPad announcement on Tuesday, so I’m sure they will have something to say about that as well.

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Guide To The Cloud: Is It Time To Move Your Legal Practice Management Software To The Cloud?-MyCase

Is it time to move your Legal Practice Management Software to the Cloud? Cloud computing isn’t a fad – it’s here to stay, and law firms like yours are now using cloud-based applications for every part of their business, like optimizing customer relationships, billing, and document management.

Check out these slides to learn more about how you can scale your business in a secure and reliable environment.





Can a Car Service Predict the Future of Legal Services? – Divorce Discourse

Lee Rosen is thinking and writing about disrupters; i.e., a car service named Uber andLegalZoom:
Rosen: When I was in San Francisco, I got around using UberLyft, andSidecar. Uber is a car service that charges by the ride. You use an app on your phone, and a car arrives in about five minutes and off you go. The fee is automatically billed to the credit card you have on file.
 Uber has a great deal in common with LegalZoom and other intruders into the legal space. LegalZoom, like Uber, is delivering a product desired by the public. LegalZoom, like Uber, is well funded. LegalZoom, like Uber, is competing against an incumbent that isn’t well liked and doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

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Software as a Monthly Rental – NYTimes.com

David Pogue reviews  Adobe’s new revenue-generating subscription scheme.
You have to pay $30 a month, or $240 a year, for the privilege of using the latest Photoshop version, called Photoshop CC. Or, if you want to use the full Adobe suite (IllustratorInDesignPremiereand so on), you’ll pay $600 a year.
UPDATE:  David Pogue answers outraged questions about Adobe’s new subscription scheme.

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PDF Mergy – WebApp to merge PDF files

PDF Mergy


Merging pdf files just got much easer with PDF Mergy. This application gives users the ability to just drag and drop files that need to be merged into a handy window. Users move the documents into the desired order, click Merge, and download the single-file version. This Web app is compatible with all operating systems.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2013. https://www.scout.wisc.edu/

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Bradley Manning Trial Transcripts | Freedom of the Press Foundation

The US military has refused to release transcripts of Bradley Manning’s trial. In addition, they’ve denied press passes to 270 out of the 350 media organizations that applied. Without public transcripts or a press pass, it’s virtually impossible for media organizations to accurately cover the trial and for the public to know what the government is doing in its name.

In response, Freedom of the Press Foundation has crowd-sourced funding to place a professional stenographer in the media room covering the trial. We will post full transcripts shortly after each day’s proceedings end. The morning session with be posted by 7 pm the same evening. The afternoon session will be posted by 9 am the next morning. The transcripts will be released under an Attribution 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license.

For more information on these crowd-sourced transcripts, click here.

Date Transcript
June 3, 2013  06-03-13 AM session.pdf
June 3, 2013  06-03-13-PM-session.pdf
June 4, 2013  06-04-13-AM-session.pdf
June 4, 2013  06-04-13-PM-session.pdf
June 5, 2013  06-05-13-AM-session.pdf
June 5, 2013  06-05-13-PM-session.pdf
June 10, 2013  06-10-13-AM-session.pdf
June 10, 2013  06-10-13-PM-session.pdf

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